To Bid or Not to Bid? We have the Answer

Let an expert answer the question, before you make an expensive mistake. 

Use our complimentary bid/no bid service, you have nothing to lose, and everything to gain.
Making an educated decision will increase your win rate, and save you from wasting proposal writing dollars.

First take our Bid/No Bid quiz, and follow-up with Richard White, for amplification of your results.

The quiz will help you save time and money on the painful process of the making the decision on whether to bid on a particular opportunity. The free questionnaire will help shed light on whether or not your company has a real chance at winning a particular government contract. The name of the game in writing proposals is to only spend time and money on preparing proposals for those opportunities that your business has a realistic chance winning.

Our 20 Questions helps participants discern their likelihood of success for any given project.

Call Richard White at 301.908.0546 today to discuss you particular bid/ no bid quandary. 

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