The New WOSB Sales Program

Be among the first Women Owned Small Businesses (WOSBs) to win set-aside contracts.

Fedmarket will help you complete your WOSB certifications and related registrations and win government business set aside for WOSBs. We can also help you reach out to more than 48,000 federal contracting officers who need your product or service.  All of the foregoing can be accomplished through one source, Fedmarket, and at very economical rates. 

Fedmarket offers a WOSB seminar/netcast and two WOSB certification assistance services.  For example, we offer our WOSB eCertify Wizard, our web-based self-certification template and also our WOSB eCertify Workshop, a full-day WOSB certification workshop held in Bethesda, Maryland.

As a special offer, Fedmarket is offering one of our other products, the WOSB Sales program, free of charge to those customers that purchase the WOSB eCertify Wizard or attend the WOSB eCertify Workshop. 

More information regarding the offer above and the WOSB Sales Program:
  1. Companies completing the certification program, whether through the workshop or the eCertify Wizard, will complete a capabilities questionnaire for their company.
  2. The data gleaned from the questionnaire will be entered into an online database and an access link to the database will (with search instructions) will be sent monthly by e-mail to more than 48,000 federal contracting officers.
  3. Contracting officers will access the database by NAICS code or keyword to find companies for WOSB contract awards.
  4. The first mailing to contracting officers will be sent before February 4, 2011, the implementation date of the new WOSB program.

In order for contracting officers to award you business, they must first know you are a certified WOSB. Certified WOSBs should get out front now with their sales efforts and tell contracting officers that they are certified and are seeking business.

The federal government's WOSB preference program is unique for the following reasons:

  1. The federal government has always been short of its goal of awarding 5% of all contracting work to WOSBs.
  2. The Obama administration fully supports the new WOSB program, as evidenced by the relatively fast implementation of the new WOSB regulations.
  3. Federal agencies will soon feel political pressure from the Obama administration and will therefore be eager to send work to WOSBs.
  4. Because contracting officers are the focal point for making contract awards, it is important for them to know who you are. 
  5. Contacting officers may not know where to find certified WOSBs because the program is new and the number of certified WOSBs will be limited.
For those who have previously purchased the WOSB eCertify Wizard or attended the WOSB eCertify Workshop, you are eligible to participate in the WOSB Sales Program initiative. Call 888 661 4094, Ext. 2 for more information.

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