The New Procurement Game: Convert Reoccurring Contracts to a GSA Schedule

More frequently each week Fedmarket receives call from prospective customers that their ongoing contract will be rebid through a GSA schedule contract. Most often the original contract was awarded to them through a public bid.

The government realizes that incumbent contractors normally have a significant edge when their reoccurring contract is rebid. Realizing this inherent edge the government takes the position that using a GSA schedule still provides competition, although significantly reduced. In federal contracting agencies will always do what is in their best interest even if competition is reduced. The appearance of some completion is enough justification for the award file

Contracting Offices invariably are late in telling the incumbent contractor what they plan to do (if ever formally). And while a normal evaluation time for a GSA schedule can be months the agency usually requests an accelerated evaluation of the incumbent contractors GSA schedule offer.

Sometimes an accelerated evaluation can't be done in time so agency-contracting officers will usually extend the incumbent's contract or in rare cases the incumbent loses the contract because they don't have a schedule. A contracting officers unwillingness to extend the contract is a good indication that the government really doesn't care if the contract goes back to the incumbent.

GSA Proposal Full Service
Fedmarket takes the lead in the preparation, submission, and negotiation of your firm's GSA Schedule proposal. Your organization can continue its day-to-day operations while leaving the heavy lifting to us.

GSA Proposal Assistance
As with our full services option, we take the lead in the preparation of your proposal.  We also provide you with guidance on what to expect when dealing with your GSA contracting officer. Your staff files the proposal and negotiates with GSA on its own. Our less costly alternative to our full-service offering. 

3- Day GSA eLab
Our three-day, interactive workshop during which our GSA experts walk you through the preparation of your firm's proposal.  You will also be provided with invaluable negotiating strategies and substantial background information on the GSA Schedules program and GSA contract administration.

GSA Proposal Wizard
The GSA Proposal Wizard is a do-it-yourself solution that allows you to write a GSA Schedule proposal with a minimum of pain and without having prior knowledge of the process. Fedmarket assists you in determining the GSA Schedule that best fits your company's needs, you gather the required data and the GSA Wizard walks you through the process of completing your proposal. The GSA Wizard includes 1 hour of telephone consulting with a Fedmarket GSA specialist.

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