The 1 Difference Between Winners and Losers

In the race to win government contracts, GSA Schedule holders are the winners.

GSA Schedule holders can: 

  1. Reduce the competition; within the rules
  2. Avoid a public bid and save vast sums of money that would otherwise have been spent writing a proposal
  3. Close a deal within weeks instead of a countless number of months
  4. Allow for the closing of deals with any federal buyer who prefers to use a Schedule contract.

GSA contracts are the only effective way for companies new to the market to compete for federal prime contracts.

Make the transition from "loser" to "winner" start the work required to obtain a GSA Schedule contract, attend Fedmarket's 3-Day GSA eLab June 3 - 5, 2014 in Las Vegas, NV and we will take $700 off the list price!

The GSA Schedules program is open to all businesses, from small to large, and the program is fairly comprehensive.

The Logistics: To become a GSA Schedule contractor, a vendor must first submit an offer in response to the applicable GSA Schedule solicitation. The GSA proposal document you must submit for approval is a lengthy and complicated document; you can see for yourself by visiting the site and downloading the schedule that fits your business.

Fedmarket can help you complete your GSA proposal offering in 3-days.

Fedmarket's 3-Day GSA eLab has helped hundreds of companies obtain their GSA approval.

Sign-up for our 3-Day GSA eLab today! Call 888-661-4094, Ext. 2 to receive the discounted, Las Vegas venue, price.

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