Take 1 Day and Complete Your GSA Schedule Proposal

Use Fedmarket's One-on-One GSA proposal writing service to speed up the GSA schedule proposal preparation process.

Most GSA proposal preparation services are not available on-site or one-on-one to keep service prices affordable. Virtual services are effective but they normally require one to six months to complete.

Our service is designed to allow you to complete the proposal without leaving your office. In addition, it allows you to involve just the right individuals in the GSA Schedule proposal writing process: those that have domain expertise in pricing, sales, operations and administration.

Richard White, author of the book "GSA Schedules: The Shortest Path to Federal Dollars," and a GSA specialist with 18 years of experience will work with you in person to:

  1. Coach you in the fundamentals of the GSA Schedule program
  2. Direct the formulation of a discounting and pricing strategy based kick-off meeting information
  3. Assist your team in the completion of solicitation requirements and document
  4. Assist you in finalizing the proposal for submission

Prior to the start of the engagement Fedmarket will send you a Request for Information (RFI) document, outlining the material you should have ready and available to you on the day of the engagement. Mr. White will assist you via telephone if any clarifications or questions arise regarding the RFI.

We suggest you assign a lead to the project. Mr. White will work with your team leader for a full day and you can bring in management, project, and financial people to help them prepare the required information for proposal completion.

The cost of the engagement is based on your location.  All areas within the contiguous United States will fall between $3,900 - $5,900. Call Jon or Steve at 888 661 4094, Ext. 2 for more information and pricing details.

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