Steps to Building Your Federal Sales Revenues

Thinking about selling to the government?
Wondering where in the world to begin?

Look no further. Fedmarket's complimentary guide, Strategic Checklist for Obtaining Federal Revenue, includes invaluable information on breaking into the federal marketplace.

Strategic Checklist for Obtaining Federal Revenue (download link below)
Fedmarket's complimentary guide is designed to assist small businesses in entering the federal marketplace.

The Strategic Checklist for Obtaining Federal Revenue covers the following topics:

  • Fundamentals of federal contracting
  • Making and closing a federal sale
  • Selling to federal agencies located in your backyard
  • The registrations required to conduct federal business
  • Assessing the federal market for your product or service
  • Finding sales opportunities for more complex products and services
  • Uncovering sales opportunities for commodities
  • The keys to getting pre-approved to sell to federal customers
  • Free federal sales assistance
  • Free federal small business conferences
  • Beginning the sales process
  • Starting with the credit card and quick-buy markets (for smaller transactions)
  • Consider starting as a subcontractor to a prime
  • Selling directly to prime contractors
  • Learning how to write federal proposals

    Download your complimentary copy here.

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