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Start Now on Responding to Alliant 2 Small Business; the Largest and Most Significant of GSA's Information Technology GWACs.

Don't listen to GSA's words about using a model proposal for getting a head start on Alliant 2.

Alliant and Alliant Small Business have been a huge success; particularly for small businesses. Federal agencies have awarded over 1,000 task orders, totaling more than $30 billion. Several of the small business contract holders have "graduated" out of their small-business status due to their success with Alliant. Task orders have come from 60 agencies and ranged from $40,000 to $2 billion.

The Alliant 2 Small Business RFP is expected to be released in June 2016. The total budget for large and small business awards is $50 billion and 60 or more small business awards are anticipated.

In the draft of Alliant 2 GSA warns bidders about using an Alliant proposal template because the final RFP will change significantly from the draft RFP.

Critical changes are expected in the following restrictive rules in the draft RFP:

  1. Not allowing bidders to count the experience of their subcontractors
  2. Not allowing Joint Venture (JV) bidders to use any experience other than that obtained under the name of an existing JV.

>> Fedmarket offers a Joint Venture Matching Service to assist small businesses qualifying for ALLIANT 2 SB.

Recently passed procurement legislation has caused GSA to relax these restrictions in the VETS 2 GWAC and the same will be true for Alliant 2.

Using Fedmarket's Alliant 2 Proposal Model to get ahead of the game on your Alliant 2 proposal is an effective approach in spite of GSA's advice for the following reasons.

  • RFP changes will not affect the basic structure and experience requirements in the final RFP; rather just "what is qualifying experience". The files required in a proposal and GSA's objective scoring scheme will not change.
  • Using our approach will allow you to start gathering the onerous list of contract documents required to verify your experience.
  • In our approach we ask customers to begin gathering everything they need for the proposal in accordance with our instructions and RFP formats and then develop folders of response documents. The draft model proposal is not updated with your response documents until the final RFP is issued, and we provide you with a Final Alliant Model Proposal showing you the changes and steps required for (if any) to your document folders.
  • The building of your proposal will be done using the final model to ensure complete compliance.

Start now on your response to Alliant 2. Call 888-661-4094, Ext. 2 to learn more about our Alliant 2 proposal model and full-service proposal writing offerings.

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