Start Your 4th Quarter Marketing Campaign Now

It's use it or lose it time: the government's 4th quarter spending spree is just around the corner.  Is your company prepared to profit?

Purchase Fedmarket's list of e-mail addresses for federal credit card holders today and reach more than 18,000 federal employees with purchasing power tomorrow through an e-mail marketing campaign.

Call 888 661 4094, Ext. 2, to take advantage of a special 4th Q price offer.

Federal credit card holders can make quick and easy purchases of up to $3,000 from a single source. For example, a manager of a federal government field office can drive down to the local Office Depot and buy equipment and supplies for the office, just like any member of the public. He doesn't have to put the purchase out for bid, doesn't have to call up two other office supply stores for quotes, etc. He can just find what he wants (either by phone, in person or online) and make the purchase, as long as the total doesn't exceed $3,000. No questions asked.

Purchase now and download the e-mail list as soon as your order is complete. Fedmarket's list of federal credit card holders' e-mail addresses contains 18,831 unique email addresses.

Call 888 661 4094, Ext. 2, to order by telephone.

Need more information? Contact me.

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For inquiries, call 301 652 9504. Press 2.

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