Small Service Businesses Need a MAC to Grow

Most federal service contracts are now being awarded through Multiple Award Schedule (MAC) contracts to avoid the delays and piles of paperwork required for a public competition.

Except for GSA schedules, all of the large government-wide MACS are for consulting and information technology (IT) services. ALLIANT 2, the last of the big government-wide MACS for IT services, is being opened for proposals this summer. (Government-wide MACs will not be opened for proposals for several years, except GSA schedules.)

The Professional Services (PSS) GSA schedule is a special government-wide MAC that is always open for a bid. This allows small businesses without large federal service contracts to participate in the MAC market.

Federal buyers prefer to contract through a MAC because it is fast and efficient.

The PSS schedule covers most types of services including:

  • Financial services
  • Management consulting services
  • Training services
  • Advertising and marketing services
  • Language services
  • Professional engineering services
  • Logistical services
  • Environmental services
There are GSA schedules available for product companies as well. Visit the GSA eLibrary to view all available schedules and call (888) 661 - 4094, Ext.2 to determine which schedule is the best fit for your business.

Learn more about GSA schedule, watch for future weekly installments on GSA schedule and visit Fedmarket for more information now.

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