Services Companies: Are You Struggling with Your GSA Pricing?

Are you agonizing over your GSA services proposal pricing?  No? You should be.

White Paper: How to Optimize GSA Schedule Service Prices written by GSA pricing specialist, Richard White.
Click on the link above to download your copy.

The pricing section is the most critical aspect of your GSA proposal. And pricing for services is a major stumbling block. Why? Because GSA requires you 1) offer your most favored customer (MFC) price 2) provide labor categories and labor descriptions 3) both 1 & 2 must be backed up and documented via invoices.

Commercial services companies just don't operate that way.  The transition from your service pricing to GSA's pricing requests are similar to "fitting the square peg in the round hole."

The primary issues concerning price substantiation are:
  1. The mechanism GSA uses for pricing proof are invoices from your accounting system.
  2. Rate substantiation information submitted to GSA is subject to audit.
  3. How an invoice reads complicates the matter, e. g., rates, salaries, cost information, fixed price?
  4. A subcontract with a prime contractor is a commercial contract, not a government contract and this can complicate the issue of obtaining favorable GSA hourly rates even further. GSA requires written labor category descriptions with name of labor category, minimum years of experience, minimum education level, and position functions and responsibilities.

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