Service Companies: Do Not Get Caught without a Multiple Award Contract

Service companies serious about federal contracting must have one or more Multiple Award Contracts (MACs). Most federal service contracts are now awarded as task orders under large federal MACs.

  • Five year budgets for service MACs range from $60 million to $60 billion and task orders can range for $100,00 to $100 million.
  • Only 10 - 15 currently active MACs are for government-wide use.
  • Winners of a service MAC can range from 5 companies to several hundred.
  • GSA schedules are the only government-wide MACs that are always open for a bid.
  • All MACs (other than GSA schedules) open for bids at and then close after a 45 - 60 day bidding period. If you don't bid or bid and don't receive an award you are out of the game for 5 years. Only the winners get to carve up the multibillion dollar budget.
  • Only a few service Macs are published at (several a week) because of their large budgets and long durations.
  • They are hard to find when they do appear at because the web site is old and does not have criteria search specifically for MACs. You have to know the right keywords to find them and the government calls MACs by around 15 different names (MAC, IDIQ, MATOC, etc.)

Service contractors cannot afford to miss a MAC opportunity; they are few and far between. And you have to seriously consider bidding each one because there are so few. Many have "tracks" set aside for small businesses only.

Fedmarket can assist you in winning MACs in three ways.

  1. Training - Webinar: Understanding IDIQ, BPA, BOA, and GWACs
  2. Our IDIQ search engine searches by the full set of keywords designating MACs.
  3. Our RS3 Model Proposal will cut your proposal writing cost dramatically and ensure compliance with the RFP.

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