Reach Buyers, Profit from 4thQ Spending

Fedmarket's Current E-mail List of Federal Buyers can bring your company's product or service to the attention of more than 32,000 buyers through the use of an e-mail marketing campaign.

Why contact buyers now?
The government's 4th quarter began July 1. Buyers must spend any funds remaining in their coffers otherwise:

  1. They will lose the unspent dollars
  2. They run the risk of a budget reduction next year if they have funds remaining at the close of this fiscal year.

Now is the ideal time to break into government sales. 

Order today online or by calling 888 661 4094, Ext.2.

Fedmarket's E-mail List of Federal Buyers contains:
  • More than unique 32,000 current buyer e-mail addresses
  • Data presented as an Excel or Text file for easy import into any sales database
  • Buyer e-mail addresses only (1 field)

Call 888 661 4094, Ext. 2 to learn more about Fedmarket's E-mail List of Federal Buyers.

To find out more about the many ways you can market to the government, click here.

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