RFPTech: Answer to your government technical proposal writing problems

RFPTech generates a draft Technical Approach for technical writers to collaborate and expand into a full customer solution.

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Technical approach writers have varying writing skills when participating in the writing process. With multiple writers, the lack of a common organizational structure results in scattered, uneven content that looks like it came from technical writers who can't or don't care to write. That, in turn, creates a formidable and time consuming task for and the editor and the proposal manager to create a responsive and complete proposal.

RFPTech uses Task Maps with writing guidelines to provoke thoughts and ideas for writing the customer solution.

Click here to view a portion of a Task Map. Technical writers fill in the cells for each Task as indicated in red.

RFPTech generates a technical approach outline when the writers have filled in as many cells as possible. Writers can collaborate and go through as many iterations of the Task Map as desired before generating the outline.

RFPTech can make your technical people organized writers overnight.


  • Provides a logical and organized structure for writers to think and enter ideas based on their expertise before writing technical approach text
  • Avoids the problem of technical writers floundering and writing "Tech Inc. did the same work for XYZ Agency," which is past experience not technical approach content
  • Provides a way for technical writer to express critical content without having to produce complete sentences An experienced Proposal Manager can use the ideas and thoughts to write a first draft of technical approach content and then collaborate with technical writers to refine and expand approach content.

RFPTech is an "idea engine" resulting in a logical, clear, and concise technical approach.

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