Proposals: 20 Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Write

Fedmarket's experts have developed a new tool to help corporate sales executives and proposal managers save time and money on the painful process of the making the decision on whether to bid on a particular opportunity (we call this the "Bid/No Bid" Decision). 

Fedmarket's free questionnaire or test will help shed some light on whether or not your company has a real chance at winning a particular government contract. The name of the game in writing proposals is to only spend time and money on preparing proposals for those opportunities that your business has a realistic chance winning. Our game, "20 Questions," helps participants discern their likelihood of success for any given project.


The process of responding to a Request for Proposal (RFP) can cost an organization tens of thousands of dollars or more. Many companies jump in without a realistic chance of winning and without any prior knowledge of the customer or the project. There is nothing more devastating to a small company than spending vast sums of money and months on a losing proposal. It's also very demoralizing for those staff members who pour their hearts and souls into the process. Fedmarket's 20 Questions Game will help companies stay focused on only winners.

As in the commercial market, it is critical that companies meet with federal buyers before the announcement of a public procurement so the bidders understand what the federal customer is buying. Proposals describing solutions to the customer's problems usually win. Proposals describing the bidder's qualifications and general technical knowledge usually lose. It's just that simple.

Creative proposal writers are a scarce and valuable corporate resource. Like poker chips, they should not be squandered on low probability hands.

The key to success in the federal arena is to write defensive proposals. Your proposal should be based on a firsthand knowledge of the customer's requirements and the customer's perceived solutions. Use a highly-structured writing process to ensure that your proposals are flawless and 100 percent compliant to the requirements of the RFP.

Complete our 20 Questions Game and gauge your chances of writing a winning proposal.



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