Proposal Writing: Filling in the Holes

In your capacity as the proposal manager, you have deconstructed the RFP and developed a proposal outline (template) that outlines what is required. What's left are small and large gaps (content needs) that only technical writers and contract managers can fill. A small gap might be the need to update the project description for a past or current contract. A large gap might be the need for a database structure for the proposed solution. In most cases, filling in small and large gaps is like pulling teeth and sometimes the smallest of holes can create last-minute crises in getting the proposal out the door. Why does this happen over and over? The primary reasons are lack of attention and focus from the top. CEOs, EVPs, and VPs tend to put proposal writing in the same class as having a root canal. Just let it slide and somehow it will get done. Proposal managers need to summarize their problems for management and management needs to act early to ride the the professional staff to fill in the gaps on schedule.

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