Prewritten Content is a Must for Proposal Writers

Your Proposal Writing Program will Die a Slow Death without Pre-written Content

Writing everything required by a federal Request for Proposal (RFP) is impractical in the long run. Newcomers to proposal writing have to write from scratch to build up a library of pre-written content including:

  • Management plan text
  • Marketing plan text
  • Employee relations and retention text
  • Functional technical procedure
  • Technical concepts and ideas
  • Up-to-date experience summaries
  • Up-to-date resumes
  • Model executive summaries
  • Chapter introductions and summaries
  • Useful tables
  • Conceptual graphics

Fedmarket offers our winning pre-written content to you:
Proposal Library
Proposal Recipe
Proposal Samples

You can't win them all and a win rate of 30 - 50% would be considered exceptional. So you have to write lots of proposals to win one. The cost of writing proposals without pre-written content is so high that your proposal writing program will grind to a halt without it.

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