Press Release: Fedmarket Launches New Website for GSA Schedules

For over 16 years, Fedmarket has been helping companies become GSA contract holders. Fedmarket was one of the first in the industry to offer GSA proposal services. The popularity of the GSA schedules program has skyrocketed since 1996, with GSA sales totaling billions every year. Along with the popularity in GSA came competition in the GSA proposal-writing marketplace. "We used to be one of the few, now we are one of the many" says Fedmarket founder and CEO Richard White. Fedmarket's ingenuity and experience helped to distinguish it from the many new competitors. In 2005 Fedmarket developed the 3-Day GSA eLab followed by the GSA Wizard in 2007. In doing so Fedmarket transformed the GSA proposal writing process to a task that takes 2 - 3 days from a project that took months to complete.

Fedmarket's new GSA website was designed to help vendors understand they have choices when it comes to the arduous task of applying for a GSA schedule contract. You don't have to go broke in the process, nor do you have to sacrifice the quality of your proposal by going for a solution with a lower price tag. "We simplified the proposal process and now we want to simplify the selection of a solution. Having a GSA schedule is almost a requirement for anyone serious about selling to the government. We don't want to see the small business owner shut out of the process due to confusion. We are truly here to help."

Fedmarket's website is a one-stop shop for vendors who sell to the government. Fedmarket offers seminars, sales tool, contact data, proposal writing services, and a wealth of free content including newsletters, books, eBooks, Whitepapers and how-to guides for the government vendor.

You can find Fedmarket's new GSA site at

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