Press Release: Complimentary Government Contracting Training Sessions

The best things in life are free, help yourself to Fedmarket's complimentary offerings and improve the way you do business with the government.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE June 20, 2012 -- In today's economy most businesses are struggling to stay afloat. To survive business owners have to be resourceful, and innovative. Small businesses need a new customer base, a pool of customers with deep pockets, who buy everything. Does such a marketplace exist? It does, and it is the federal marketplace.

"We believe anyone can succeed in the government marketplace. Doing so takes tenacity and patience but the benefits are well worth the effort." Richard White, Founder, Fedmarket, webinar speaker and eBook author.

Fedmarket offers a vast about of complimentary material for those ready to considering selling to the government.

Fedmarket's free webinar series offers four different webinars, each with a companion eBook covering the following topics:

Realities of Government Contracting - Learn the truth about selling to the government from a veteran federal contractor.

GSA Schedules 101 - In a quandary about GSA? What is it, why do I need one, do I really need one? Your questions and more answered right here.

Government Proposal Writing for Newcomers - Is there a secret to writing a winning government proposal? Not really, but there are 2 critical aspects not to overlook.

Small Business Preference Programs - Understand the different types of preference programs available, the certification process, and get an honest assessment of how beneficial a preference program could be to your business.

Who should attend? Business development, sales and marketing executives.

Complimentary eBooks

  • Realities of the Government Market
  • GSA Schedules: The Shortest Path to Federal Dollars
  • Government Proposal Writing for Newcomers
  • Small Business Preference Programs: The Good and Not So Good - coming soon!

Available Book Downloads

  • Rolling the Dice in DC: How the Federal Sales Game is Really Played
  • Cracking the $500 Billion Federal Market: The Small Business Guide to Federal Sales
  • Loading the Dice in DC, Legally: Learn the Politics and Realities of Federal Contracting
  • Government Contracting for Donkeys

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