Powerful Proposal Templates

Fedmarket's proposal tools assist you in completing your government proposal.

The benefits of our proposal templates are summarized as follows:

  • Give your writers a head start so they can move on to the next task rather than creating text from scratch.
  • Save 30 - 60% off the cost of preparing a proposal (in terms of dollars spent and effort)
  • Allow writers to focus on critical customer-centric aspects of the proposal and maximize evaluation points
  • Help ensure that the proposal will address all requirement of RFPs
  • Help assure that deadlines will be met without last minute crises
  • Improve proposal consistency and quality
  • Are developed from winning proposal language; you can be sure that our content has been tested under fire.

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RFP Templates - Fedmarket's proposal specialists have designed individual templates based on proposals that have won contracts. These templates address specific sections of federal proposals.

Proposal Writing Template
Marketing Plan Template
Contract Administration Template
Earned Value Management System Template
Program Management: Template for IDIQ Proposals

Price Templates - Templates designed to dramatically improve price proposal quality

IDIQ Pricing Template
Direct Labor Buildup Template
RTO/TO/BOE Staffing Template
CPAF/CPIF Template
CPFF Template
Indirect Rate Impacting Worksheet

GSA Templates - Fedmarket's experts, which collectively have countless years of experience in drafting and negotiating successful GSA Schedule offers, have developed templates that address specific sections of GSA Schedule solicitations. 

Experience Template for GSA Proposal Technical Volumes
Project Experience Template for GSA Proposal Technical Volumes - Type I
Project Experience Template for GSA Proposal Technical Volumes - Type II
Quality Control Template for GSA Proposal Technical Volumes
Marketing Plan for GSA Proposals

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