Pass DCAA Scrutiny

Avoid common mistakes that can put your federal contracts at risk.
(The following courses are offered online and eligible for CPE credit.)

DCAA Audit Workshop - Creating the systems for your company which will pass DCAA scrutiny requires a full appreciation of the entire audit process. This workshop will provide not only the basic steps required, but also anecdotal examples to help you to be prepared for what to expect.

DCAA FAR Compliant QuickBooks - What used to be a competitive advantage - having an accounting system deemed adequate for Government contracting - is now a basic business requirement. More and more Government Request for Proposals (RFP) are being released with the requirement that contractors have an adequate accounting system BEFORE a proposal may be submitted.

Advanced Cost Price Proposal Strategies Seminar - This seminar will give you tools and techniques that dramatically improve price proposal quality, integrate the cost/price volume with other volumes, improve overall win probability, and ensure cost management and control during contract performance.

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