October Basic Cost Proposal Workshop

Upcoming Proposal Training Date Location
Basic Cost Proposal Workshop Thursday, October 21 - Friday October 22, 2010, 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. EST daily Bethesda, MD or Live Online

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Are you new to federal cost proposals?

Fedmarket's Basic Cost Proposal Workshop is designed to give participants the basic skills necessary to create comprehensive and competitive pricing bids for government contracts. This is an introductory course which focuses on the basic skills and strategies necessary to compete in the government arena.

Preparing a proposal in response to a federal RFP requires a significant dedication of time and resources. Even if your company offers the best solution, simple mistakes in your cost proposal can be your ultimate undoing. In the alternative, your company may win the contract but discover after award that it is losing money because of mistakes made in the pricing. Becoming an expert in preparing cost proposals takes many years. However, this course can give you the foundation needed to dramatically reduce the learning curve. Read more...

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Basic Cost Proposal Workshop
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Fedmarket offers a range of full-day seminars that cover topics such as GSA Schedules, federal sales and proposal development.

View the Fedmarket seminar calendar for upcoming dates and locations. Many of the seminars are broadcast live over the web as netcasts.

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