OASIS: Make Your Bid Decision Now, 12 Days to Due Date

Fedmarket's OASIS Model Proposal gives companies a head start in preparing a proposal. Setting up the proposal volumes (five volumes and over 50 files) required by GSA can take several days of an experienced proposal writer's time.

The proposal writing effort is largely mechanical after you have decided what primary and secondary projects (contracts) you are going to submit for scoring. Selecting projects first is critical because up to 50 files must be built and named if you are submitting 5 primary projects. Each contractual document must prove a project attribute and the document must be submitted again for each attribute it proves.

The proof of the Systems and Certifications you hold is relatively easy since it is a box checking exercise.

An analysis of the scoring scheme indicates the following:

Scoring Criteria % of Points
Primary Projects 19
Secondary Projects 7
Past Performance 66
Systems and Certifications 8

A majority of the points can be achieved under past performance. This is complicated if you don't have projects that were scored in a past performance data base. Even if they were scored, is the rating high enough to achieve maximum points? For projects that have not been scored, questionnaires must be sent out immediately to your customers. You should choose projects for which your customers are likely to score you very high. Follow up with customers to make sure that they score you. Just saying that they were the answer to your prayer is not enough.

Many small business customers have asked us about whether they can win an award with 3 or 4 projects and our answer is a judgmental guess. Assume that 500 small businesses submit proposals and GSA selects 250. Under these assumptions you have a 50/50 chance of winning. It all boils down to (1) do your primary projects meet the size criteria, (2) are these primary projects multi-disciplined and (3) do they have high past performance evaluation scores.

Why not submit? OASIS is a $ 60 billion opportunity and will be the most flexible professional services vehicle for contracting officers ever implemented. Our judgment is that contracting officers will move awards away from GSA schedule professional services vehicles and use OASIS as their main vehicle. This is particularly true for DOD contracting officers because they tend to have large multi-disciplined, highly technical procurements.

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