OASIS Small Business Requirements Loosening

OASIS Large and Small Business Proposals are now due on October 10, 2013. Small business project experience requirements have been loosened and are summarized in the OASIS Quick Reference Guide.

As indicated the the guide, small business project size requirements are now lower and more small business should be able to qualify. Small businesses not satisfying all requirements are scored according to the Self Scoring Worksheets shown in Sections J.5.1 and J.5.2 and do not have to meet all requirements to receive an award.

Fedmarket offers OASIS model proposals for both the large and small business RFPs. Our models save time in completing an extensive forms completion exercise and are designed to ensure compliance to the RFPs.

Companies using the model proposal refine and modify Word templates with specific company information; resulting in a completed proposal within solicitation page limits.

Why Purchase Model Text? Writing and editing one page of proposal text can take five hours or more. Using five hours as a rough guide, a typical GWAC proposal proposal can require 200 man hours or more and and cost $20,000 (assuming a professional writer bills at $100.00 per hour). By using templates, a business can realize savings of 30 - 60% off that estimate.

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Fedmarket's OASIS Model Proposal includes specially tailored sections on:

  • Uncompensated Overtime Policy
  • Professional Employee Compensation Plan
  • Responsibility Determination
  • Relevant Experience,
  • Past Performance
  • Systems, Certifications, and Resources
  • Accounting System and Cost Accounting Standards
  • CMMI Maturity Level
  • Earned Value Management Systems (EVMS)
  • Facility Clearance Level (FC),
  • Key Personnel
  • Cost and Price

Small Business Subcontracting Plan: The large business model includes Excel spreadsheets which automatically calculate 10 year subcontracting projections for the types of small business included in the plan.

RFP Attachements: RFP Attachments are a tangle of red tape questions. Our templates will include detailed instructions for completing required Attachments.

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Call 888-661-4094, Ext.2 to learn more. GoToMeeting demonstrations will be available to show interested companies the content of the template.

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