OASIS Model Saves Days of Proposal Writing Time

Fedmarket's OASIS Model Proposal can save days of proposal writing time. Not to mention the proposal writer migraines' caused by an overly complex solicitation.

Fedmarket's proposal writer spent about 15 hours preparing each OASIS Model (large and small business versions). The model consists of six volumes with over 50 files formatted according to the solicitation file formatting requirements and proposal submittal instructions. The files contain file completions instructions and model text whenever possible. Instructions are written by deciphering GSA's overly complex and poorly written criteria for required corporate experience evidence, pool certification requirements, and required contractor certifications for administrative and financial systems.

To exasperate proposal writing requirements GSA has now issued amendments as a result of vendor protests that require Fedmarket to update the OASIS Models for model owners, both large and small. The time required to write the models and update the models based on amendments is longer than would appear on the surface because of the need to meet overdone volume and file format compliance requirements.

Fedmarket is anticipating further amendments and proposal due date extensions requiring more updates to the models.  Each time a amendment is issued, it takes considerable time to update the models for our customers. We are recommending to our customers to wait until the dust settles around protests and amendments before filling out templates completely. In the interim customers should gather the basic data required for corporate experience and pricing in order to eliminate last minute proposal writing crises.

Timeline: July 31 - OASIS RFP Released, August 23 - Proposal Amended, August 26 - Proposal Amended, August 31- Proposal Amended

The number of amendments and proposal due date extensions is anybody's guess.

Welcome to the world of OASIS.

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