OASIS Amended and Extended

It's back to the drawing board for both large and small businesses. GSA has amended the OASIS RFP for the fifth time.

The updates to the OASIS solicitation include 11 updated forms and changes to the instructions for 5 out of 6 volumes, including file naming convention changes. The government has reduced the number of required relevant experience projects and the minimum values. This may enable some small businesses to participate in the OASIS opportunity who thought they were excluded due to a lack of projects.

OASIS is a complicated solicitation, and after 5 amendments, each with numerous updates, many proposal writers are lost in the quagmire. Save yourself the trouble of trying to decipher - not only the solicitation itself, but the modifications to the RFP you began working with. Fedmarket offers updates to customers who purchase our OASIS Model Proposal product. We are currently up-to-date with the most recent amendment issued on September 12, 2013.

Fedmarket's OASIS Model Proposal can save days of proposal writing time. Not to mention the proposal writer migraines' caused by an overly complex solicitation.

Call 888-661-4094, Ext. 2 for more information or to order by telephone.  Fedmarket also offer full-services OASIS proposal preparation service, call us for details.

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