OASIS, To Bid or Not to Bid 1 Hour Webinar

Is OASIS a good fit for your company? Get answers on May 13, 2013

Date: Monday, May 13, 2013
Time: 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM (EST)
Cost: $200 per connection
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Is OASIS a Mirage or an Unprecedented Opportunity for Large and Small Professional Services Firms?

Learn the key aspects of the new 10-year, $10 - 12 billion OASIS procurement

Content Covered:

What is OASIS?

  • Types of services
  • Why not a GSA schedule?
  • Flexibility and agency use
  • Projected number of bidders
  • Projected number of winners
  • Dollars
  • Contact period

Government-wide use: the pluses and minuses

  • The trend toward IDIQs
  • Agency use, why and why not
  • Ned for focus and aggressive sales
  • Will your agency use it

Why bid? The key decision factors

  • Flexibility and duration
  • Brand enhancement
  • Evaluation criteria
  • Proposal costs
  • Average task order revenue

Why not bid?

  • Newcomers to the market and small businesses, is it biased?
  • Critical evaluation criteria
  • Summary of project experience requirements

Systems and certification requirements

Personnel requirements

Pricing requirements

  • Procedures and formats
  • The significance of standard labor categories
  • Prices ranges
  • Pricing compliance considerations

Proposal content and cost

  • Critical aspects of the proposal
  • Required volumes
  • Submittal procedures
  • Estimated proposal costs
  • Model proposal

If "To Bid" is your decision Fedmarket will help your OASIS proposal will stand out from the pack - start with a template specially designed by our proposal team to address the OASIS solicitation requirements and ensure compliance with the OASIS solicitation document.
(Product available for delivery on May 1, 2013.).

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