November and December Seminar Offerings

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In-Depth Session on Getting a GSA Schedule Contract - Ensure that you understand what your company is getting into before discovering the squiggly worms that live under the GSA Schedule rock. Info
Fedmarket GSA eLabPlus - Leave our 3-day workshop with your completed GSA Schedule offer in hand. Info
Regional GSA eLabPlus - You will have completed your GSA Schedule offer; by the conclusion of this seminar. Info
Virtual GSA eLab - Write your GSA proposal at your office with the assistance of our GSA specialists and using Fedmarket's collaborative technology. Info
Audit Proof Your GSA Schedule - Stay out of trouble and stay in compliance. Keep your GSA Schedule contract in good standing and avoid paying costly penalties. Info
Webinar: GSA Schedules 101: Demystifying GSA Schedules - An outreach for small and medium-sized businesses that want to learn more about GSA Schedules but don't want to listen to another government-sponsored "take" on GSA Schedules. Info
Webinar: GSA Schedules 201: Modifying Your Contract - Administering a GSA Schedule contract takes a very unique, flexible mindset. Fedmarket will help you understand what GSA is looking for when it is considering your proposed contract modification. Info

Federal Sales
Federal Sales 101: Winning Government Business - Learn how to sell to the federal government. Info
Webinar: Selling to the Government from Your Own Backyard - A 90-minute webinar giving you a crash course in government sales. Info

Writing and Managing Winning Proposals - A properly-prepared proposal is THE document the government will use to defend WHY they CHOSE YOU. This class is for those who want to write fewer proposals and win more. Info
Advanced Proposal Development Workshop - A 1-day course giving you the tools and techniques needed to dramatically improve the quality of your proposals. Info

Government Contracting
Women-Owned Small Businesses: Win Set Aside Contracts - Covers the material and information you need to be one of the first women-owned businesses to benefit from the new WOSB program. Info
WOSB eCertify Workshop - A workshop to facilitate completion of all documents required to obtain WOSB status. Info
Bid Protest - Learn how to keep the deals you have won and steal the ones you have lost. Info

Coming Up in 2011
Webinar: CMMI(R) - Everything You Need to Know in 4 Hours - Designed to address frequently asked, but seldom answered, questions about CMMI(R) and getting a rating in plain, no-nonsense terms. Info
Advanced Cost Proposal Workshop - Gain invaluable knowledge and learn the link between cost accounting and proposal pricing. Info
Security Clearances, Uncovered! If you can't find a sponsor, you won't get the clearances you need. We will provide proven techniques that will help you identify and obtain a sponsor. Info
Orals: Eliminate the Pitfalls that Lower Your Score - Learn how to avoid the pitfalls and the key ingredients for success in making oral presentations to the government. Info
ISO 9001 Standards & Certification - Topics covered include what are ISO 9001 standards, why is getting certified valuable, how to do so, and the benefits of getting certified. Info
Teaming and Subcontracting Agreements- Protect your interests before you enter into either a teaming or a subcontracting arrangement. Info
SBA 8(a) Program Application eLab- Complete your SBA 8(a) application in 2 days or fewer. Info

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