Nothing in Life is Free

Except for a call to Fedmarket.  Let us educate your staff on the benefits of a GSA Schedule. 

The bad news:
When responding to a bid that is publicly posted, your firm is competing against the countless thousands of companies that are also interested in that bid opportunity.  In many cases, even the unqualified will bid and almost all bidders will spend countless hours and oodles of money preparing their proposals. Requests for Proposals (RFPs) can be confusing, at best.  In fact, your firm may not realize your company doesn't meet the posted qualifications or minimum requirements until it is knee deep into the proposal-writing process. 

If the foregoing sounds like a losing proposition, it's because it is.  For every bid, there is only one winner and thousands of unhappy losers. 

The good news:
The odds of winning a government contract are greatly increased once your company becomes a GSA Schedule holder.  If your firm has a Schedule contract, the competition on a bid drops from thousands going against you to a total of three.  Federal buyers running a bid opportunity through a GSA Schedule contract need only contact three Schedule contractors for bids.   An award can be made in a matter of hours or days and those contractors selected to submit bids do not have to ramp up and prepare a full-blown federal proposal. To summarize, your bid costs are dramatically less under this scenario and you aren't waiting up to a year for the award announcement. 

So what's  the catch? To become a GSA Schedule holder, you must submit a proposal to GSA.  Take the time to research the matter by locating the various GSA Schedule solicitations at GSA's eLibrary.  Or save yourself some time and effort by calling our GSA team at 888-661-4094, Ext. 2.  It costs nothing but a few minutes of your time and you'll get your questions answered and some free advice.  Let Fedmarket do the leg work for you.   

Or easier yet, we'll call you -  contact me.

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