No Pain, No Gain

Why is preparing the GSA Schedule proposal so painful?

  • GSA Schedule Requests for Proposals (RFPs) are often poorly organized and even more poorly written. Some divisions within GSA have recently improved the quality and organization of their respective RFPs but the majority remain troublesome.

  • RFPs do not fully outline what GSA is looking for in your offer. It takes a significant amount of interpretation on the reader's part to understand GSA's proposal requirements. The foregoing is true for all aspects of the proposal but is particularly applicable for the pricing section of the proposal. The inherent pricing obstacles are even further magnified if your company discounts its products or services.

  • It is problematic to separate the wheat from the chaff. In other words, it is difficult to discern which of the proposal's clauses are more critical and which are less so.

  • Although each proposal lists a person within GSA to whom telephone inquiries may be directed, it is often impossible to get the contact on the phone. If you are successful in this endeavor, the responses to your questions are often vague and too general in nature.

Why bother? Can't I do business with the government without one?

Without a GSA Schedule your company is at a disadvantage to sell to the government. Why? Buyers prefer to purchase through GSA. The GSA Schedule purchase system is a quick, efficient buying mechanism. Buyers can stay out of trouble, reduce their workload, and make federal end users happy. Vendors who have done business with the government in the past are being urged by buyers to become GSA Schedule holders if they want to continue to sell to the government.

Fedmarket is offering a unique solution to the dilemma faced by companies pursuing a GSA Schedule, our 3-Day GSA eLab.  We have perfected the GSA proposal writing process. We will minimize your pain and maximize your GSA pricing so you can profit for many years to come.

Fedmarket has been preparing and negotiating GSA Schedule proposals for more than 16 years. We submit countless GSA proposals each year and our success rate is unmatched in the industry.

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