No Fee Consulting Service to Increase Your Government Sales

Since 1996 Fedmarket has been helping businesses win government contracts. We offer products and services to assist you in all aspects of selling to the government. Scroll below to arrange your private consultation session.

Contact Data for 4th Q Marketing Campaigns

  • Military Buyers - Market to the Buyers with the largest budgets; Contracting Officers within the Department of Defense.
  • Federal Official Buyers - Gain access to contact data for over 47,000 federal buyers; these are the people who "seal the deal," get to know them by name.
  • Email List of Federal Buyers - Bring your product/service to the attention of over 54,000 buyers through an email marketing campaign.

GSA Schedule Services and Products

  • GSA Proposals Proposal preparation, review, and modification priced to accommodate your budget
  • GSA Products - Tools to help you write your proposal, learn how to use your schedule to your best advantage, and keep your proposal in compliance.
  • GSA Consulting - Get the answers you need from GSA experts
  • GSA Contract Management - Have Fedmarket manage your GSA Schedule contract compliance and maintenance.
  • GSA Training - What is a schedule? Why do I need a schedule? How do I get a schedule? The answers are all here.

Federal Proposals

Have specific questions or concerns about selling to the government? Call Richard White (he wrote the books) for a complimentary 30-minute telephone consultation. Call (301) 960 - 5813 to arrange.

For general sales questions or to order any of our products and services by phone call Steve or Jon at (888) 661 - 4094, Ext. 2.

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