New eBook: Government Contracting for Donkeys

Fedmarket recently released a complimentary eBook titled "Government Contracting for Donkeys." Using poker as a metaphor the new eBook provides practical how to information for companies considering entry to the government contracting market.

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In the introduction Richard White states that in poker donkeys are inexperienced players who think they know how to play the game.

Government contracting donkeys think they know how the contracting game is played in the trenched but don't. They may be effective players in the commercial market but the government market has fundamental aspects that can only be understood by actually selling in the market. A company's first step to winning government contracts is recognizing that the company may be a donkey.

"Government Contracting for Donkeys" presents practical information on winning government contracts including how to:

  • Understand the degree of competition in the market
  • Understand how government buyers think
  • Find sales opportunities
  • Decide when to bid and not to bid
  • Unravel government red tape

The author's hope is that by reading the eBook companies will better understand the up and downsides of government contracting and will be able to make informed decisions on market entry.

Download your complimentary copy - click here.

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