New GSA Proposal Service

GSA in Ten Days

GSA in Ten Days is an outstanding value. There is no travel, no guess work, and minimum impact on your work day.

In order to obtain a GSA schedule contract for your company GSA requires 15 or more proposal files be prepared, signed, and submitted electronically. Some required files are mandatory and some conditional (not required based on the type of offer). Offerors don't know which files are critical and which are bureaucratic red tape. GSA does not provide file completion instructions or telephone assistance.

Richard White, owner of Fedmarket, will serve as your on call GSA expert proposal during the proposal writing process.  He is a GSA schedule proposal writer with over 20 years of GSA proposal experience, and the author of "GSA Schedules: The Shortest Path to Federal Dollars."  Mr. White knows what GSA proposal evaluators are looking for, and what they skim read and what is important to them.  Most importantly Mr. White knows how to prepare the critical discounting and pricing files to maximize a company"s GSA prices.

Mr. White will work with you to complete all required files. He will provide you with instructions,model text, and sound advice.  He will explain each file in detail from the GSA evaluator's viewpoint.

Once all files are complete Mr. White will assist in submitting the proposal through GSA eOffer on the Authorized Negotiator's computer.

Following submittal, Mr. White will assist in (1) making any file refinements requested by GSA, (2) price negotiations, and (3) preparing the Contract Award Letter.

Learn more about GSA in Ten Days, call Jon or Steve at 888 661 4094, Ext. 2.

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