Need a large call center or a web based communication system up and running fast?

Does Your Agency Need an Instant 500-Person Call Center and Web-Based Communication System for Emergencies and Constituency Interface?

Rust Consulting, Inc. (Rust) offers its Constituency Information System (CIS) to government agencies for communication between the agencies and their citizen groups (constituencies). The CIS reaches out to citizens, interacts with them concerning the status of their accounts (database records), and responds to their inquiries.

The CIS can serve any type of constituency including: disaster victims, taxpayers, veterans, Social Security recipients, disability payment recipients, medical claims recipients, recipients of grant funds, and aggrieved parties due funds from legal settlements.

Please forward this email to persons in your agency who would be interested in CIS capabilities.

View Interactive Description of CIS - (Active links to more information on specific capabilities and experience are provide on the main CIS Solution Page.)

Jim White, Ph.D.
Senior Vice President
Rust Consulting, Inc.
202.448.9698 (Direct)
612.991.7535 (Cell)
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GSA Schedule 70 GS-35F-0540W
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