Multiple Award Schedule for Small Business

A multiple award schedule (MAS) contract is a necessity to grow in the federal market and a GSA Schedule is the best multiple award schedule contract for small businesses.

Fedmarket's 3-Day GSA eLab is an economical solution for small businesses looking to obtain a GSA schedule contract.

Dates and Venues:

Fedmarket's 3-Day GSA eLab gives you the opportunity to complete your GSA proposal and gain a thorough understanding of the GSA Schedule's program including:

  • GSA contract administration
  • Critical pricing strategies
  • Negotiation strategies
  • Discounting polices and the Price Reduction Clause.
  • Developing a federal GSA sales plan
  • The actual preparation of your entire GSA Schedule offer, including your pricing, administrative and technical volumes (if applicable). 

By participating in the GSA eLab, you will walk away with more than a completed proposal.  You will have the confidence to negotiate your proposal with GSA and will have invaluable contract administration skills.  It doesn't get any better than that.

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