Message from Richard White: GSA Schedules Increasing in Value

In my view, the value of a GSA contract is gradually increasing because of the ever increasing trend toward the use of multiple award contracts (MACs).

The GSA schedule program is undergoing significant changes including:

  1. GSA sales are still stable in spite of sequestration
  2. Existing contract rebids are being converted to schedules because of limited procurement staff
  3. GSA is canceling contracts rapidly due to a lack of sales
  4. Although not publicly stated, GSA is discouraging new offers by rejecting offers for less than good reasons.
  5. Offer evaluation times are way up and can take up to a year

GSA schedule staff is limited and it appears that GSA believes that they already have too many schedule awardees.

Taken together, these changes indicate that owning a GSA schedules is a valuable corporate asset.

The new OASIS MAC , in the long run, will reduce MOBIS and IT-70 sales overall but:

  • OASIS will be awarded to relatively few companies and only those companies that can show large federal contact experience.
  • Roughly 400 awards or fewer may be made in the summer of 2014.

So the net affect may be that having a MOBIS or IT-70 schedule may be the only way contracting officers can award to small to medium sized business without a lengthy and staff intensive public bid.

Companies owning a GSA schedule need to focus on sales through the schedule or risk contract cancellation after two years.

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