Las Vegas DCAA, FAR and Cost Proposal Training

Join Fedmarket and Matt McKelvey of The McKelvey Group in Las Vegas, NV in February 2015.

Call (888) 661 - 4094, Ext. 2 for more information, or to register by telephone.
All courses earn CPE credit.

February 17 - Advanced Cost Proposal Workshop/Las Vegas, NV (In person or Webinar)
This seminar will allow you to develop skills most cost/price proposal writers develop only through years of hands-on experience while providing the link between cost accounting structure and proposal pricing. Learn cost proposal development techniques and strategies that improve your ability to price to win government proposals.

"The experience at Fedmarket was great; Matt was very good at explain answers to the questions."

"Found the seminar extremely informative and the presenter very knowledgeable."

"Great instructor"

February 18 - DCAA Audit Workshop/Las Vegas, NV (In person or Webinar)
The DCAA Audit Workshop guides you through multiple DCAA audits, including pre-award, accounting system, purchasing system, and estimating system. It provides a detailed overview of the entire process, from pre-audit preparation through post-audit initiatives. Learn how to prepare your company in advance for an audit, respond to DCAA requests for information, support an audit in process, and address post-audit actions.

"The seminar was very informative and made me realize I am in the same boat as a lot of other companies trying to deal with government regulations. many of the items I can implement quickly."

"Excellent instructor, an good information. I spent 17 years as a DCAA auditor, so much of the material was familiar to me. I was impressed how the instructor provided insights into DCAA, and in my opinion, help to facilitate future positive working working relationships with DCAA by being "fair and balanced" (pardon the phrase)."

February 19 - DCAA FAR Compliant QuickBooks/Las Vegas, NV (In person or Webinar)
This half-day seminar will walk you through establishing the Chart of Accounts, Job Costing, Indirect Rate Calculations, Labor Distribution, and the Policy & Procedure Manual. In the end, you will know how to make your accounting system, including QuickBooks, fully compliant with Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR), Cost Accounting Standards (CAS) and Defense Contract Audit Agency (DCAA) Guidelines. Learn more about The McKelvey Group course offerings.
This seminar is based on QuickBooks, the setup and lessons can be applied to any accounting software package.

"The information presented was well-explained, and it was clear that the speaker had a firm understanding of the material covered."

"This course was worth the time and money."

"The instructor very experienced and willing to help and answer all our questions and to challenge us."

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