Join the Experts for Crash Course in Contracting

Companies breaking into the federal market invariably run head-on into a culture gap.

Spend two-days with experts from the legal and federal contracting community and learn the fundamentals of federal contracting.

We will get you through the roadblocks, and on the road to winning contracts.
Topics covered:

  • The language of federal contracting is an unknown foreign language.
  • Federal buying rules are burdensome, arcane and nearly impossible to step into cold.
  • The degree of federal competition that Government needs to adhere to and how to avoid it is a mystery to most companies.
  • How buyers think and how they make buying decisions are different than how buying decisions are made in the commercial sector.
  • Federal proposal writing is a different world than commercial proposal writing; when to bid, how to price, what minimum proposal capabilities you can get away with without wasting your time, and how to ensure compliance are misunderstood.
  • Contract compliance and which contact clauses are important and which are merely red tape procedure is difficult to discern without guidance.

This 2-day full-immersion course covers all of the critical elements of federal sales and contracting.

Event: 2-Day Executive Session on Winning Federal Contracts - For itinerary and more information about our speakers visit our webpage.
Date: March 29 & 30, 2012
Cost: $1,900 (special pricing available for Netcast participants)
Location: Bethesda, MD or attend virtually via Netcast
On-site seating is limited, Reserve your seat today.

Call 888 661 4094, Ext. 2, for more information, or to register for this event.

888-661-4094, Ext 2.

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