Is Your Sales Team Ready to Win 4th Q Spending?

It is not too late train your entire federal sales team without leaving your office.

Federal Sale 101: "Winning Government Business"
June 18, 2014, 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm EST
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The federal government's fiscal fourth quarter begins July 1st.  The fourth quarter is known as "use it or lose it" time for federal contracting officers. The months of July through September are the critical months when the federal government spends more money than any other time in the year. Be prepared. Make sure that your sales team knows the ins and outs of the federal sales game at this crucial time. 

The absence of experienced salespeople is the reason that so many businesses fail in their quest to win government business. Train your sales staff correctly and you'll reap the benefits many times over.

Fedmarket is committed to sharing the secrets of doing business with the federal government. We tell you the truths the government players aren't allowed to divulge. You will learn about small-business (and other) set-asides in addition to getting the inside track on winning business.

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