Is Alliant 2 for You?

What to do with Alliant 2.  Do you bid, are you eligible?

Small IT businesses are aggressively working on teaming because GSA will be loosening teaming agreement requirements in the final Alliant 2 Small Business RFP.

Fedmarket's experience and the reaction of the small business IT community indicates:

  • Inherently the number of bidders will be reduced because of the $ 1,000,000 project size requirement.
  • The number of awards will be relatively large.
  • The need for teaming agreements will lower the number of bids.

Combined these three factors will lower the evaluation score needed to win.

Fedmarket's Alliant 2 Small Business Eligibility Tool provides a quick way to assess if your company (or your joint venture/teaming agreement) may be eligible for an award.

Call (888) 661 4094, Ext 2, for your complimentary copy of the Eligibility Tool.

The Eligibility Tool may indicate that you have a reasonable probability of an award.

If eligible start on your proposal now with Fedmarket's Alliant 2 Draft and Final Proposal Services.

Like the OASIS and the VETS 2 GWACS, the Alliant 2 RFP requirements to prove the validity of your experience is a nightmare. An inordinate amount of lead time and a large amount of file gathering and formatting is required to prove experience. Fedmarket's proposal team helped 7 companies win a spot on OASIS. We can do the same for you with Alliant 2.

Our Alliant 2 Proposal Services will allow you to start gathering the required files now. We will update your proposal to reflect any changes in the final RFP as part of the original purchase price.


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