Installment 22: Prosper in the Federal Market

Outsider Perception: The federal market is tough to crack.

Reality: The perception is true.

Lesson: Although the federal market is difficult to tackle, companies that are successful in doing so quickly realize that it's an extremely lucrative one and that their actual sales costs - once they are entrenched - are actually less than in the commercial sector.

Background: This newsletter concludes the 22 part series entitled "Cracking the Federal Market: The Small Business Guide to Federal Sales." The federal market is not really more difficult to enter than any other new market your business has targeted. Don't let the fear of the unknown hold you back. Approach the task of tackling this new market in the same way you would if it were a commercial market. Market entry requires tenacity and patience. The federal market offers rewards commensurate with the effort your staff puts into delving into this new endeavor. For highly-focused companies, the rewards can be exceptionally rich and lucrative.

Keep in mind that federal buyers will never get rid of companies which perform at the highest levels because trusted performers make the buyers' professional lives easier and risk free. These buyers will go out of their way to make sure that your company remains their business partner. The partnership truly begins when your company wins its first contract and, once this occurs, your company has total control over its destiny in the market. It is entirely possible for one-person firms which work in the federal market to grow to $100 million businesses in just a few years.

Small business preference programs can dramatically impact upon your company's growth. Those which cannot take advantage of preference programs take heart -- companies without the benefit of preferences have also experienced explosive growth.

The critical steps to success in the federal market outlined in this series are:

  1. Sell to federal customers as you would in the commercial market.
  2. Learn the rules for closing federal sales.
  3. Get a GSA Schedule contract and sell with a pre-approved price list.
  4. Target federal customers in your region first and become an "insider" like the large federal prime contractors.
  5. Use the inherent advantages of being an insider to help your business succeed in the federal market.
  6. Certify your company as one of the preferred small businesses if it qualifies.

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Installment 22: Prosper in the Federal Market

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