Insights to 8 (a) STARS II

The 8 (a) STARS II due date is rapidly approaching. Now is the time to increase your odds of a win by outsourcing your proposal to Fedmarket.   Our proposal writers have deconstructed the solicitation and can expedite the proposal process for you.  Our experts have gleamed insights to the solicitation that a novice may overlook.

GSA stresses in the 8 (a) STARS II solicitation and in the amendment that:

  • Clarity and brevity are more important than proposal pages
  • Experience surveys are important and experience summaries are optional
Fedmarket is offering a 8(a) STARS II Model Proposal, and a  8(a) STARS II Full Service Proposal Writing Service.

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8(a) STARS II Model Proposal - $1800
8(a) STARS II Full-Service - $3600

You may upgrade to full-service, the purchase price of the proposal model will be credited in full toward the full-service purchase price.

Fedmarket's 8(a) STARS II Model Proposal will help companies save substantial sums of proposal writing dollars and focus on pricing, the critical aspect of the 8(a) STARS procurement. Our 8(a) STARS II Model Proposal includes a fully complaint proposal outline and model text that will assist companies in preparing their STARS proposal.

Our model proposal can be the difference between winning and losing under the tight response deadlines imposed by GSA. View the solicitation - click here

The 8(a) STARS II Model Proposal is provided in Microsoft Word format, and designed to be refined and modified by companies submitting a proposal in response to the 8(a) STARS II procurement. Customers using the product may add company-specific information text to the model proposal to create a proposal specific to each company's qualifications and experience.

All STARS II OS proposals must be submitted via a secure web portal (portal) known as AcquServe (TM). In order to register in the portal, an ACES Business Representative digital certificate is required.

For more information or to order by telephone please call 888 661 4094, press 2.

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