IDIQs: Play with Government Contracting Insiders

Experienced government contractors know Indefinite delivery / Indefinite quantity (IDIQ) contracts reduce competition.

Your chances of winning future business under an IDIQ are increased dramatically. You are now competing with a limited number of companies for orders - some worth as much as millions or even hundreds of millions of dollars.  Companies that know how to win task orders by pre-selling can reduce the amount of competition to very little or sometimes none.

Understanding IDIQ, BPA, BOA, GWAC and GSA Contracts
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Don't overlook IDIQs!

  • IDIQs reduce competition.
  • Small businesses can participate in large IDIQs.
  • An IDIQ task order award can be made in a matter of weeks, instead of up to a year or more.
  • IDIQ awards tend to be "under the radar" and are not subject to as much public scrutiny and protests as public bids.
  • Proposal writing costs are lower for IDIQ task orders than for public bids.

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