IDIQ Sales: Start with a Target Agency

Start with target agencies that buy what you sell. Ideally, target one agency or at most two or three if you are a newcomer to the market. Here are five important steps to keep in mind:

  1. Pick your target agency carefully: don’t shotgun across agencies. Only the giant federal contractors can afford shotgunning. Pick the agency that buys what you sell and is not dominated by a huge prime contractor—simple enough in concept but a little more difficult in practice.

  2. Meet with end users and contracting officers and ask what their favorite IDIQs are—it may be more than one. Like targeting your agencies, meeting with agency buyers is not as simple as it sounds, but who said federal sales were easy?

  3. Get a GSA schedule contract if your target agency uses them.

  4. Find out what specific agency IDIQs are coming up for bid within the next year or so. Start planning your sales program and IDIQ bid if an IDIQ is on the horizon.

  5. If no agency IDIQs are on the horizon, either rely on a GSA schedule or a subcontract with an existing IDIQ contractor.

Where can you find IDIQ contracts?  The IDIQ Search Engine

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