How to Fail a GSA Audit; Let Us Count the Ways

GSA Schedule contract compliance requires the period completion of about 20 separate tasks all due at different time intervals. The tasks include:

  • Price Reduction Clause (PRC) compliance (the compliance task with the potential financial risk),
  • Ten (10) different procedural tasks (e.g., contract modifications)
  • Eight (8) reporting tasks (e. g., Vets 100 Report)

Some tasks are conditional depending on company size, employee count, etc. while others are required of all contractors. The tasks are generally straightforward and procedural (except PRC compliance) and non-compliance usually occurs when a company does not know that a task is required or the task is not completed on time.

Non-compliance with the PRC clause (violating disclosed discounting practices) can result is return of money to GSA and the dollar amount can pile up if the non-compliance is caught late in the contract period. Avoid audit problems and monetary claw backs by using Fedmarket's GSA eContractManager.

The GSA eContractManager automatically schedules your GSA administrative task and teaches you about GSA Schedule compliance.   The web-based product is simple to use, no prior knowledge of GSA is required.  You simply input data (gathered from your GSA Schedule award) and the GSA eContractManager schedules your administrative tasks for you.  

Call 888-661-4094, Ext. 2 for a demo of the GSA eContractManager.

You worked hard to win your GSA Schedule award- don't blow it now by overlooking a routine administrative task.

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For inquiries, 888 661 4094. Press 2.

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