Hassle Free GSA Schedule Preparation

What is it? Fedmarket's Virtual GSA Proposal Preparation eLab

Where is it held? From the comfort of your office, your home or anywhere with Internet access

When is it? You determine the dates and the business hours that work best for you

Our GSA experts coach your team through the process of preparing your company's GSA Schedule proposal. By going virtual, your firm will complete its GSA proposal with minimal hassle and without the necessity of travel.

The Virtual GSA eLab is held via virtual meetings and teleconferences between our experienced consultants and your staff. You receive one-on-one consulting services without having to leave your office or having to pay on an hourly basis for such services. Our GSA expert works with your staff to collectively write your GSA Schedule proposal. Your proposal will be completed in two weeks. The first week is spent preparing your GSA price list and the second week focuses on more substantive issues. During the second week, sessions are held daily and on a set schedule to avoid postponement of the proposal's preparation.

Virtual GSA Proposal Preparation eLab
Date: As soon as you are ready
Time: Based on your timetable
Location: Your office
Outcome: Relief and your completed GSA proposal
More Information: Visit Fedmarket or call 301 652 9504, Ext. 2.

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GSA Schedules--A Vendor's Path to Federal Sales
Thinking about trying to sell your goods or services to the federal government but don't know where to start? Fedmarket's complimentary white paper spells it out from A to Z. Download GSA Schedules--A Vendor's Path to Federal Sales today.

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