Guess the Number of Points Required to Win an Alliant 2 SB Award

The Guessing Game About Eligibility for Award of an Alliant 2 SB Contract Perplexes Small IT Companies

GSA, the press, and Fedmarket are all guessing about the points required to win an Alliant 2 SB award. The cutoff point score for an award is dependent on the number of bids received and trying to determine the number of bidders is a pure guessing game.

However, the following is apparent:

  1. GSA has discouraged potential bidders by the RFP requirements and comments made at the bidder's conference.
  2. Fedmarket's current and potential customers are worried about their eligibility based on RFP requirements and the inherent uncertainties associated with the complex scoring scheme.
  3. The number of bidders will be less than a procurement based on a scoring scheme that emphasizes project size, like 8(a) STARS.

Bottom Line: Alliant 2 SB is a 10 year $ 60-billion-dollar contract that can make or break a small IT business. How will you feel if GSA awards 80 contracts with a cutoff score of 30,000 points, and you estimated you could have shown 35,000?

The recently released Q&A for Alliant 2 SB did contain an important clarification:

You may use commercial projects to claim credit for Leading Edge Technology (LET) Project Experience. This would include contracts with commercial organizations and subcontracts with federal prime contractors. LET projects must fit the 10 LET Areas and have to be $ 150,000 or greater.

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