GSA Service for Las Vegas and San Diego Companies

Expert GSA Schedule Proposal Writing Services at Your Office for Las Vegas and San Diego Companies:
Available 12/14 - 12/31/2015

GSA Schedule Realities:

  1. Proposal preparation is full of bureaucratic red tape and a pricing nightmare.
  2. The way you price your services or products is not the way GSA demands pricing for a schedule contract. For example, for service companies GSA requires rigid labor category titles and specifications, a fixed hourly price by labor category, and detailed project experience descriptions.
  3. The way you currently price must be transformed into rigid GSA schedule requirements. Most commercial companies price in an entirely different way and transitioning to GSA's format is extremely difficult for a layman.
  4. Transformation from your pricing model to GSA's labor category model requires that Richard White, Fedmarket's onsite pricing expert, work with your Finance/Pricing people at your office.

Richard White, is the author of "GSA Schedules: The Shortest Path to Federal Dollars." Mr. White has 25 years of GSA proposal preparation experience and is the developer of Fedmarket's "GSA Proposal Templates."

>> Call Richard White at (301) 908-0546 for more details about our GSA services and GSA references.

Description of the GSA at Your Office service:

  • Mr. White will assist you in determining the appropriate GSA schedule for your company and email you the GSA Proposal Template for the selected schedule.
  • Our GSA staff will work with you by conference call, email, and online file sharing to prepare the required proposal documents. Many documents require information from your finance and accounting, sales, human resources, and executive management personnel.
  • Mr. White will schedule a date between 12/14 thru 12/31/2015 for a two-day visit to your office. The visit will take place once we determine the required files are as complete as possible without onsite assistance.
  • During the two-day visit, the GSA price model will be developed and the proposal will be finished, edited, and submitted to GSA.
  • Mr. White can also meet with management to discuss selling with a GSA schedule, the GSA price reduction clause, and the requirements for managing a schedule after award.

>> Reserve your dates, call Richard White at (301) 908-0546 today.

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