GSA Schedules: You Can Not Do Government Business Without One

Are you on a GSA Schedule? Can you afford not to be?

  • Over $60 billion is contracted annually through GSA schedules. Without a schedule you are shut out of the competition.
  • Schedule contracts are a salesperson's dream-they are a way to close a deal with a government buyer quickly, with very limited competition from competitors.
  • Federal buyers like to purchase from GSA schedule holders because buys can be made with a minimum of paperwork, and red tape.
  • Holding a GSA schedule allows you to avoid the public bid process and "sell under the radar," yet within the rules.

Bottom line is a GSA Schedule contract is a necessary selling tool for any vendor serious about selling to the government.

Government agencies cannot operate without a way to buy quickly and efficiently in the same way as commercial companies. But competition is still required under public procurement laws.

The longer it takes you to be awarded, the more money your competitors that have already been awarded a GSA Schedule contract are winning at your expense.

With a 20-year history, in assisting vendors win GSA contracts Fedmarket will help you to reach your goal of increased federal sales faster and at a reduced cost.

The same way you are not preparing your own corporate tax returns, donít let the confusing nature of a GSA Schedule proposal stand between you and getting you company GSA approved. No, get the right help and get it done now.

All you have to do is say yes to a GSA schedule and Fedmarket's GSA specialists will do the rest.

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