GSA Schedules Are Key for 8a Companies

A GSA schedule is the key to a successful post graduation for an 8 (a) company.

Fedmarket specializes in assisting 8(a) companies in winning federal revenue. Fedmarket assisted over 40 8(a)'s in submitting proposals for the recently completed 8(a) STARS re-compete. We understand the dilemma of managing an 8(a)company while staying billable to contracts to maintain profitability.

Obtaining a GSA schedule contract can be crucial to post graduation revenue generation. Schedule contracts provide an ideal mechanism for federal agencies to re-compete sole source contracts with minimal or no competition.

Richard White, CEO of Fedmarket, provides a GSA schedule proposal writing service specifically designed for 8(a)'s. Mr. White will visit your office for two-days to complete and finalize your offer to GSA. Virtual preparation, prior to his visit and the focused two-days at your office will minimize the impact on your billable team.

Call Richard White at (301) 960-5813 for further information about increasing your revenue through the use of a GSA schedule contract.

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