GSA Schedule Compliance, We have simplified the process

Like learning to ride a bicycle, analyzing a federal contract to identify its compliance requirements is easy if you have done it before. Meeting the compliance requirements after they have been identified is easy if you:

  1. List the compliance requirements and develop a straightforward, easy to perform process (compliance task) to meet the requirement.
  2. Schedule completion of the compliance task in the contract administrator's calendar.
  3. Perform the task on schedule.

Fedmarket's GSA eContractManager does the front-end work for you (Steps 1 & 2 above). The product schedules all aspects of GSA schedule contract compliance and your contract manger only has to perform the compliance task by following the steps of the task process.

A calendar reminder module schedules compliance tasks by required date. Each required task includes step-by-step procedures in an online business process.

Call 888-661-4094, Ext. 2 for a demo of the GSA eContractManager.

You worked hard to win your GSA Schedule award.  Don't blow it now by overlooking a routine administrative task.

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